What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Rotten Eggs May 3, 2010

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My husband and I have been on the rocky road of conception for over a year now. We hadn’t planned on trying to get pregnant when I found I was last November. That shocking and exciting news (I was on the pill)- quickly turned awful when I learned that it wasn’t a viable pregnancy and embarked on a 6 month hell which involved a massive hemorrhage which stained my office floor and ensued a ride in an ambulance in freezing weather on my husband’s birth day, a D &C, ruined clothes, and a uninterested doctor. With all the complications my hormones were insane, my weight fluctuated, skin broke out and it was an all together bad time. After a search for a more understanding doctor, multiple tests, and a biopsy we are getting ready to start clomid this cycle. Freaky Deeky!

I am excited for the journey – I mean enough already- but also a little scared. Everyone has a story about their sister or friend that went through this – which is great- but I don’t really know anyone who has been in my shoes. We had all the tests done- his swimmers are great and two doctors have now just told us that it really is just a matter age and what I call my rotten eggs. Who knew it was going to be such a challenge at our age were not even 40 yet? I feel like I am still young- my life insurance gave me the “Olympian Rate”- a feat I am rather proud of since it is the best possible bill of health you can get. I eat pretty well, exercise when I can, and lead a pretty healthy life so what is up with these eggs?

I decided to write the blog because I know there have to be more women like me out there trying to get pregnant over 35 that don’t have anyone to talk to or know what to expect in this process so I am going to put it out there the good the bad and the funny.
My first learning is about vaccinations- did you know that they run out and that if you aren’t protected and you are exposed it could cause major complications in pregnancy? I would have started clomid last month but found out my MMR vaccination was no longer effective- something my first doctor never mentioned or checked. So I got the shot a month ago and I will tell you that it hurts like a bitch- babies should scream when they get it. I was annoyed because it meant a whole month we couldn’t try- you aren’t allowed after vaccinations, but overall I am kind of glad I went through it though because I know am protected and I will be extra sensitive to my future babies getting these shots. It also kind of makes me happy we haven’t gotten pregnant before too – I already feel like a good mother for avoiding a major risk! BTW – you will not become autistic as an adult with vaccinations- so no worries there I asked. So today is huge I called for the prescription this morning and will keep you posted on what happens next. The nurse told me that I start on the third day of the cycle which is Wednesday and I am pretty scervous! Knowing I could be preggers in just 30 days! So many things to think about!


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