What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Wine- Oh! May 4, 2010

Am I the only person starting the fertility process that is having a wine panic attack?  I love drinking wine, I love the flavor the aroma I love it all- except the hangovers!   My doctor told us that drinking copious amounts of alcohol can affect ovulation.  I am not going to lie- knowing that I was on and MMR hangover last month and we were taking it off- I tried to get in as much wine as I could.  Sometimes even when I didn’t feel like having a glass of wine I did because I thought I should enjoy it while I can.  I know everyone is probably ready to send me AA invites but fear not- It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  This week since we are back in action, I am refocusing my health and nutrition efforts which will still incorporate a moderate to little amount of alcohol but not as much. I full well planned on giving up all alcohol up when I was pregnant but hadn’t planned on cutting down before hand.  My doctor recommends 1-2 glasses a day but I think I am going to try for less –I am thinking weekend nights out to dinner or on my deck are going to be less fun!  With fewer trips to the Galleria (my local wine store) maybe I should think about all the money I will be saving and put that towards a new handbag???

Recently I seem to be getting a lot of unsolicited advice on nutrition – I love how there are all of these books and articles on what to eat when you are trying to get pregnant.    I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in diets.  It seems to me that I should eat healthy all the time- don’t you think?   Not just during pregnancy or when we are trying to conceive.  When I have my babies I want to be around for awhile so I think it important to incorporate some healthy habits now.  We have been trying to introduce as many organic items into our lives as possible- and keep the ingredient list simple.  I am also referencing Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.  I need to find a picture of this guy though- I know he is an accomplished writer but if someone doesn’t look healthy, I have a hard time taking their health advice.   I love the concept of keeping the ingredients listed in food items down.  No more than five and eating plants- it makes sense to me.  I am working on a happy medium.  I still drink my coffee, but use organic milk and stevia instead of coffee mate or sweet and low.  I am also growing (ok my husband is growing) stevia in our backyard that I can’t wait to freeze and add to my afternoon ice tea- which I now have in lieu of diet soda.  I am also keeping nuts at my desk and snacking on those throughout the day instead of chips.  Ok just found Pollan’s picture-he  looks healthy and the picture is recent (not one from 10 years ago)- he must be on to something!

I think a lot about food and how it has changed over the years.  I want to eat well and set that example for my family.   I don’t want to take pills to get my nutrients and I love fruits and veggies.   I also believe in moderation and if god forbid I want to have a Diet Coke every couple weeks I will and I won’t feel bad about it.   I want to keep it simple- I want to be social and enjoy a night out to dinner without worry.   I also started reading Bethenny Frankel’s latest book.   She is a New Yorker and faces some of the eating dilemmas I do as a Chicagoan.  She also has a rockin’ body-which tells me something is working for her.  I am looking forward to hearing her Frank-el point of view and will keep you posted on anything fun I learn from her.

I love to exercise but I am not a gym rat- I own a business and don’t have time to go as much as I would like.  So I am figuring out ways to incorporate exercise into my life.  I try every afternoon to take a 20-30 minute break at the office and take a power walk.  Usually down to CVS- don’t know why just love going there and almost always find there was something I needed so the trip just feels worthwhile. I have a slight- OK huge- shopping addiction and this activity satiates that need as well!   I do this while wearing my clown shoes- Earth Shoes– which give me a feeling of a little extra exercise- and I also take as many stairs as I can.  My theory is that a thinner me in clown shoes is sexier than a chunkier me in stilettos.   At night- after a healthy mainly organic home cooked meal-cooking is another passion- I take my gorgeous dogs on long walks and try to do my yoga DVD.  Interject an occasional glass of wine and that is my ideal weeknight at home.

On a side note- still waiting to get my prescription called in.  Just left another message for the doctor- which reinforces my belief that I need to grab this situation by pants and be in control of all aspects of my health from managing my lifestyle to managing my doctor.   I can’t miss this month’s opportunity because a nurse forgets about me.  Am I the only one who feels like they need to stalk their doctor?  Is anyone else already missing what they are going to stop eating and drinking? Am I doing enough? Should I give up coffee too?  Is there anything else simple and fun that you are doing to be a fertile mertle?


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