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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

I have a plan! May 6, 2010

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Got the prescription called in today….have no idea what I am doing here-I am told I also need to do an ovulation predictor kit and call the doctor when I see a surge and if after 21 days I don’t get a surge call the doctor.   Because of my irregular cycles this test is about as easy to figure out as the Sunday crossword puzzle.   …taking pills….call after surge???There should be a manual for me to follow- I need a conception recipe!

I am officially a fertility drug user.   I have taken my first clomid pill tonight and feeling like my normal self but still thinking I am clueless.   Before picking up the prescription I spoke to the nurse and she inquired if I have any questions.   Hello- I have a million. Should I take it at the same time every day like the pill?   Do I need to eat before I take it?  I learned that it can be taken any time and with or without food, really no rules.  The only caveat is that I am supposed to call the doctor if I experience pain.  No mention of all the stuff I read on the internet like blurred vision and the things my friends told me like super bitchy mood swings. Personally, I am going to call if I experience any of these things.  Maybe all of those symptoms are just rumors- who knows?  Better safe than sorry.

It’s not like if I just take the pills it will magically produce a baby.  Funny I was instructed to take the pills, do an ovulation predictor kit, get tests and yet no mention on when and how often we are supposed to do the ditty.   Every day?   Every other?   Now?   No mention… there are so many variables that my husband and I had to spend half the night coming up with what we call the “P Plan”.  We printed out this month’s calendar and put everything on there we need to do.   It is hanging up on our bathroom wall.   Not the sexiest thing I have ever done.   Maybe we should have planned my sexy outfits to go with days we should have sex.   Monday a naughty nurse, Tuesday a French Maid.  It would have been much more interesting than discussing my longest menstrual cycle or the dates I have to pee on a stick. I think I might need to add this sexy stuff in to our plan- otherwise this is way too arduous.

At this point I find watching Glee to be much more relaxing than trying to figure this all out!!!  So here is the plan… I am going to take clomid pills from days 3 to 7.   I’ll keep you posted on what happens and if I have any of the alleged side effects.   Next is to follow up with are the ovulation predictor kit to figure out when I ovulate.  Which by the way it says to use my shortest cycle as a starting point.  I have been tracking my cycle for a year- which is the best one to use?   Since I had so many problems we went back for a few moths so for us that is a 27 day cycle and we start testing on day 10.  Why hasn’t anyone created a computer program for this?? Seriously!  So for now I am taking pills and trying to focus on the good stuff…sexy time.   So I am thinking for the rest of tonight- I will enjoy one of my savored glasses of wine and think about how to spice this all up!


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