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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Don’t Shake Your Baby Maker May 7, 2010

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Wrapping up my second day of getting closer to conception, I am now a full day into clomid and just took my second pill tonight.  I haven’t noticed any major changes- definitely not any bitchier, no pain or cramping, and no blurred vision.  I have been feeling a little naush most of the day but not sure if it is because the clomid or the result of a bunk breakfast sandy.  Mon amour and I split a Bretzel breakfast sandwich today and he spent a good part of the morning in the in the little boys room with what he refers to as “gut rot”.  So I am a little perplexed on whether I am feeling this way from our meal or if it is the clomid.   He went out with the boys last night and was eating chicken wings and having cocktails so at this point it could be anyone’s guess.  I am thinking that I am going to see what tomorrow brings and if I am still feeling a little ill give my nurse a buzz.

My most important learning today is that our little clomy friend is fragile.  Maybe it is that way because it is subconsciously teaching me to be gentle so I will be prepared for a baby.   A bit of a stretch I am sure but I wanted to warn you to handle with care.   Do not shake this baby maker.  I was gingerly trying to take mine out of the package and it literally broke into 3 parts- foreshadowing for triplets??  They do run in my family of course you know clomid can bring multiples.   See this is where my crazy comes out and I am analyzing everything.   Tonight I was sitting her blogging away with my little furry love on my lap and my big furry love by my feet and I thought….where would the little bebe be right now.   Seeing as it is a quarter to eleven at night hopefully sleeping . Are any of you conception achievers having these same thoughts?

I spent most of the night grocery shopping because this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and I thought it would be a great year to throw a big party for all the Mom’s in my family. A shout out to the universe on how much I appreciate mothers.   Since my mom lives in Ohio I don’t usually see here so this year my parents, brother, his wife, and my two gorgeous nieces are coming to spend the weekend with us.  We are having fun and the on Sunday I am cooking up a storm with a big brunch.    Later that same day we will be doing an early dinner with my hubbys mom and family.  A delicate year since she is going through a divorce so not the best time to comingle.  I am really looking forward to spending a long weekend celebrating the important mothers in my life.  I will probably end up as the DD because family celebrations for us usually include a veritable cornucopia of cocktails starting with bloodies, afternoon prosecco and wine with dinner.   Now is not the time to indulge so I am definitely going to be watching what I drink.  How are you feeling about the upcoming holiday?  Happy with a side of sad?   I was definitely there last year but this year I am serving grateful with a side of hope!  I am probably going to take a few days off from writing  so until then….


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