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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Stick It! May 13, 2010

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Another day….another pee stick. According to the instructions the best time to do my ovulation predictor kit is mid day.  For those of us working women that means a public restroom.   Could there be a more annoying place on the planet to take these tests?  Perhaps a port-o-potty!  I mean it’s not like you can come out of the stall and lay it on the counter wash your hands and wait.  Who wants their office or anyone else to know their business?  So how do you keep the thing flat for 3 minutes- in a public bathroom stall?  There is just no appropriate place to put it down.   Rather, I find myself with a conundrum- Do I squat for 5 minutes in heels?  Pull up the pants?  Make a tp seat and wait it out?  Does anyone have this one figured out?   Any ideas??  Normally- yesterday- I was able to wrap it in tp and shove it in my bag and hustle back to my office.  So how crazy is this, my husband and I work together and he likes to be involved in reading the results.  Today he had a lunch meeting so I did the balancing act that everyone else probably does and I had to discuss.  I found myself trying to balance on heels, pull up my pants all the while holding this stick flat.  I was totally unprepared in the stall- the long scarf (which was attached to my top) ended up in the pee water!  How fun that I even after my attempts to clean it- I had to wear it all day!!  I just took a mental shower just thinking about it!

I accomplished a few other baby making tasks today: A little wo-manscaping for in preparation for the surge, ordered a few yoga DVDs to keep me relaxed, and ate healthy meals.  I was also thinking about the term infertile.  I hate it and for some reason it the idea of it being associated with me is infuriating.  I don’t believe that I am infertile more impatient.  From what I have read conception works in mysterious ways and there are so many factors that can affect it.  I think what is the most natural contraception in the world has to be stress and I am trying to do whatever I can to keep it at bay.  So this impatient person is going to finish the day with a little candlelight yoga and a good night’s sleep as for my ovulation predictor- I guess I’ll stick a pin in it!


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