What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Downward Dog May 17, 2010

So no surge yet.  I thought for sure it was coming today.  Hubby and I decided to get a jump start on our sexy time activities and start a day early in case it was a faulty predictor kit!  Good to get back into the saddle!  I took a long hot shower poured a glass of wine and then a little somethin somethin!  We are going to do it every other day for the next couple of weeks.   I have read conflicting stories on positions that can affect conception.  Some say doggy style, some say lady driver, some say it doesn’t matter.  I have also read that it is best to lay with bum propped on a pillow for fifteen minutes afterward to keep the man juice in.   Have you heard anything else?  We’ll try it! We are doing it all- it can’t hurt can it?

Also been trying to do some yoga this week as they say relaxation can help.  I totally get why clomid can make it harder.  I am trying so hard not to stress out because my hormones are going crazy and I find myself really emotional.  Everyone knows that emotions can be upsetting and bring on stress.  Doesn’t stress affect ovulation too?   I keep telling myself to keep everything in perspective and asked my hubby to be supportive if I fly off the handle at stupid things.  He has a hard time understanding out of control emotions but says he still support.  What a doll- he totally thinks I am crazy right now but for the love of the bebe is keeping his cool.  I am doing my yoga and spending a lot of time snuggling with my dogs.  Can we just say this weekend is for the dogs??


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