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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Totally Tubular! May 17, 2010

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OMG today is the day- the surge is on.  In 24-48 hours I will be ovulating!  I mean I am like 99% certain I wi ll be.  So I am innocently peeing on my stick today and I had a dark line – I mean there was a definite dark line but it was just a shade lighter than the control.  According to the instructions it is supposed to be as dark or darker.  WTF-  why can’t it just be a plus or minus sign like a pregnancy test??  What is up with the shades?  How would that work if you were color blind?  Of course it is a Sunday and am I really going to page the doctor to disucss?  No I am not.  I am going to remain patient and take it again tomorrow and see a darker line than today and confirm.  So excited.  This should put tomorrows sexy time right on the ovulation day!  My little egg is starting its way down the tube as we speak.  How exciting.  Daddy’s little swimmers are taking a rest for they have a big day tomorrow.  Maybe I should have served a heavy carb dinner like they do before marathons instead of the pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes and brussle sprouts!

I might like to add that clomid is also smooth criminal.  I am totally being robbed of my normal easy going nature.  I totally fly off the handle it the slightest things.  I mean really not the slightest things but the things I would have normally pretended weren’t annoying.  I shouldn’t have to show my true feelings all the time!  Is nothing sacred?  I mean these normally annoying things are now a very big deal to my emotional self.  My mind is saying why are you yelling? This isn’t a big deal yet I am ranting! I think clomid has given me an alter ego- should I name her?  How can I have fun with this?  Since my hubby is trying to support and not be mad at me for these outbursts I think I need to enjoy this emotional freedom. How often do I get a pass for being a bitch?  Normally I would feel terrible about it but its not my fault- it’s the clomid.  What else is clomid going to be upset about?  The messy garage?  The dirty dishes?  I think I am seeing the silver lining!!  Clomid very upset that pictures haven’t been hung yet mus consult with hubby stat.  I will use my powers for good instead of evil!


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