What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

WTF May 25, 2010

Ok today was nothing like I was expecting.  So as you know I had my appointment with the doctor today.  Let’s just say that my expectations could not have been met less.  Apparently there was some sort of error when the nurse called me last week to discuss my payment and potential ultrasound.  She thought I was coming in for a pre-conception test not a clomid follow up.  So I go in today and do I get an ultrasound or meet with a doctor?  No,  a PA, a new person in the process who seemed almost as confused on the reason for the visit as I was.  Seriously- they need to get it together.  Is there no Doctor’s office in Chicago that can keep track of my fertility cycle?  Am I asking for too much?   Prior to my appointment,  I searched the internet today and couldn’t find a single thing that would tell me what to expect in this doctor’s appointment.  Nothing. So ladies I am here to tell you what to really expect.

We have already discussed the importance of the ovulation predictor kit.  I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Anything else really shouldn’t even be sold.  Despite my issues with the sexy time with my husband I can tell you I still do not feel confidence in whether or not my surge was a positive and when and if I even ovulated this month. Get the clear blue easy enough said.    It t is just common sense that you need to know for sure, without a doubt.  You should start the ovulation kit based on your shortest cycle.  Even if it was a year ago, start on the shortest cycle there is no room for doubt here.  Keep testing until you see the smiley face and then call your doctor.  Have sex.  Next month we are going to start the day we start the ovulation kit and keep going at it until I don’t yet know when. Keep at it.  Don’t be petty like us and power through.  You only get so many chances and a miss just isn’t worth any fight.  I found this out the hard way.  At the rate I am going I could be looking at a stronger prescription and  will probably end up as the next octomom.  A week after the smiley face,   go in for a progesterone test- nothing else.   This test is used to evaluate the “strength” of your ovulation.  You will not get an ultrasound or find out if you are pregnant, you will, like a lab rat, just be monitored.

Ok so here is the skinny on what I was told about some of the symptoms I thought I had and some of my personal discoveries.  Sensitive teeth?  Clomid related?  I think not.   I figured that one out.  I couldn’t find a single story online that would support this.  What I deduced is that I had been using a plumper lip gloss that I just got around the time I started clo and that was affecting my teeth.  So fear not- no need for the sensodyne.  The whole vision thing.  I don’t know what to tell you, I felt like things were blurry for me.  It may have been psychosymetic or a side affect or maybe clo jus t thought it was more prononouced since I am on a constant hormone high.  The PA told me that she never heard of retina issues and if wee need to go another month, we can cross that bridge when we come to it.  At that point I will need some answers.  So what else…No discussion on the mood swings, oh I did ask if I can still have the vino and was basically told the same old same old moderation story- success- so this Memorial Day weekend I can get my drank on moderately.  So what next you ask??? I big fat nothig.   I wait another week and see if flo comes to town.  I am thinking are you kidding me?  My crazy is already starting to surface.  I asked when to told and you will  love this response-  when I would normally get my period  Hello-  If I knew when I normally got my period I wouldn’t be in this situation- I am doing this because my periods are irregular!!!!!!!! Seriously- now I need to revisit the ov calendar to figure out when to start the pregnancy tests.  Can I just say that I think Costco needs to sell the following in bulk:  ovulation predictor kits (only clear blue easy) and pregnancy tests.   If flo does decide to show up I am supposed to go to the doctor for more tests within three days.  So the wait is on….. Arghhh.

Btw no one asked me when we did it or ever talked to me about what days we were supposed to do it on.  Is this really such a taboo subject at the gyno?   As much as it scared me to answer I was really surprised I was never asked- all the concern is on the medicine and I am after all a patient.  I am hoping for the best this month but definitely will be more prepared for next.  So until then I am sure I will just sit here imagining pregnancy symptoms- I’ll report on them stat!


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