What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Like a pro! May 28, 2010

Today definitely did not go quite like I expected it.  My husband and I joke around a lot about names etc and this morning while we were getting ready for work he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to disclose that he dated someone named Gia.  And so it goes….we need to find another name!  So that isn’t even the biggest news of the day.   I got a call from the nurse today to give me an update on my progesterone blood test.  Can you believe that I actually forgot about those results and didn’t obsess over them in the slightest?  So not me, but a good thing.  So it turns out pretty int-  my progesterone level was 38.9 and the level they were looking for was 11.  So super high right?   Like almost 4 times higher than the desired level.  I aced this test with extra credit.  The nurse said that it was very high and that IF I needed another clomid prescription there wouldn’t be a problem getting that.  She said this with a chuckle.  Am I reading into things that the operative word in this sentence is IF???

I immediately consulted with my good friend the internet and could not find a definitive answer on what this meant but deduced the following.  Either I am pregnant- or we didn’t get the ovulation day correct and will secretly begrudge hubby for this except not because I am totally over it.  I realize these test results tell me absolutely nothing new, whatever.  So on my progesterone fact finding mission I learned that progesterone is an important chemical to the whole pregnancy and conception process.  One of its many jobs is to help stimulate my little eggs and helps the baby/placenta grow.  It is not used to measure pregnancy because results can be hard to read, but is typically elevated like HCG elevated during pregnancy.  It also peeks after ovulation which is why I was tested for it.  Duh.  So you can imagine what I am thinking right?   Could this be an early sign of pregnancy?   OMG!  My hubby did say that he thought my boobs looked a little big today and I they are feeling tender.  I am not getting carried away though as we all know those are also symptoms of a period.  Quite interesting though indeed.   I am going to see Sex and the City 2 after work tomorrow.   Looking forward to my fix and a little girl time this weekend.  Looking forward to a fun Memorial Day Sunday with a pregnancy test on top!


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