What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Double Date May 31, 2010

It is officially Memorial Day.  The barbecue is over along with the amazing weather and sunshine.  I have managed to remain somewhat stress free about conception and didn’t even think about buying a pregnancy test yesterday when I was at the drug store. So not like me!  I am excited for a very lovely evening ahead of me.  I am going downtown to meet my husband at Roy’s for a date.  I cannot wait for the lobster dumplings and what is likely my last sushi roll in a long long time.  Also on the menu a delicious glass of wine and then home for a pregnancy test.  If my ovulation test was correct and I am on a twenty eight day cycle, then I should have gotten my period today- which I didn’t.  Not even a hint of spotting which would have started yesterday.  This is very exciting.  What this means is the test today is 99% accurate if the ov test was correct.  However, if it was wrong then we did mess it all up and we will know for sure today.

I really do feel like we are pregnant.  My boobs have been pretty swollen and I have also been feeling really tired, lethargic and not to mention a little randy.   As always these could also be the signs of flow but deep down inside I really feel like this is it! I believe in the power of positive thinking and I am willing to say that I am so excited to go to dinner and take the test and cannot wait for the results.   Although after seeing SATC 2 and having dinner with one of my stay at home mom friends you would think I would be frightened! They don’t paint the most exciting picture of motherhood.   I also have a creeping suspicion about multiples as well. My theory is that we are very likely going to have them because, they run in my family, Clo increases the odds, and I am over 35 which also increases the odds. Or so says my BFF the internet.  So given my high progesterone and lack of period I am definitely thinking double!   Two or even three would be great- instant family- but any more and we will definitely have a crazy person on our hands here.    So I am going to get gussied up for my big date tonight- send out the positive thoughts and report back to you tomorrow!


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