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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

High as a Kite! June 2, 2010

Can I just give a shout out to these digital tests?   I swear – they really shouldn’t make any other kind.   We got the great news on our test- pregnant!  EPT digital is the way to go!  We hit the clomid jackpot according to my PA.  So what next?  We are almost ready to say all circuits are go- but not just yet.  Don’t get me wrong I am totally on a pregnancy high, but I also haven’t forgotten that I have been here before and shortly after had a miscarriage, which is why we are even on clomid in the first place.   Since I have had only one miscarriage the odds don’t increase my chances this time but we need additional positive reinforcement before we release this to our family paparazzi.  A few more blood tests and I will be ready to spread the word.  I have no desire to tell anyone anything yet and plan on waiting a little more.   The last time we were pregnant no one respected our wishes and it was like a phone chain of gossip exploded in a day.   I know everything is going to be fine, but I really don’t want to deal with any reactionary disappointments so I am relishing in this little secret with my hubby.

Let’s talk about logistical information shall we?  I immediately called the doctor’s office yesterday morning and informed them of pregnant EPT status.  They had me come in that afternoon to meet with the PA and get a blood test which made me so happy because the last time my horrible old doctor made me wait a week.  I met with the PA for awhile- really liked her and she talked to me about any questions that I had and also gave me some samples for pre-natal vitamins as well as some suggested websites.  She gave me two different kinds to try and told me when I come back on Friday to let her know which ones I like better.  One is meant to help with nausea which I have quite a bit of.  I’ll check those out this week and let you know.  She was great and I totally feel like I could call her with anything-  Love!  I forgot to ask her about spray tanning and getting my hair highlighted so need to get the 411 on that. I have also resumed my life as the human pin cushion and we did a blood test to evaluate my HCG and Progesterone levels.  I am waiting on the results today and that should give us some great information on the health of this pregnancy.   Last time my HCG and Progesterone levels were low from the beginning so this time they need to be high.   High as a kite I tell you.   I feel confident that this will be the case since my progesterone levels were so high last week but definitely look forward to the medical confirmation.

I have also been experiencing what I call the 4F syndrome which consists of farting, fainting, and French fries.  Need I say more?  Last night we had a terrible thunderstorm and I slept through most of it while my hubby was up half the night with our scared 90lb dog that kept jumping in and out of bed.   Normally it would have been me awake but since pregnancy is such an amazing sleep aid, I wan’t.  On our way to work this morning asked me if pregnancy made me gassy and told me that he heard me fart throughout the night!  Not something he has ever heard from me before as I am a lady that normally contains these things!  As for the double F- don’t worry I am not a regular at McDonalds yet-  but rather am making my own olive oil all natural baked fries at home on a regular basis.  Potatoes are so my friend right now.   I love to melt a little cheese- hard only- on them and dp them in Greek style yogurt-delish.  Can I take a moment to discuss cheese?   I didn’t realize that I had to say to good-bye to so many of them.   I can deal with brie- but the Mexican cheese?   I had pictured myself with some queso fun dido and a virgin margarita all summer long!  Who knew? I am happy to make the sacrifice but am still going to check to see if cooking it changes anything.    I am also feeling swoozy curtz and tired all the time.  The funny thing is that when I don’t feel that way I start to think it is a bad sign. Totally nuts right? I am putting those thoughts away for good and keeping my focus on the positive.  I am excited to get my results today. My levels are going to be sky high- in the ranges of multiples!


2 Responses to “High as a Kite!”

  1. pregnantmeme Says:

    Congrats! Its great to read someone so positive! I love the bit on the 4F syndrome. I am currently waiting to test to get my BFP. Good luck with everything!

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