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Inflatuation with Fun Bags June 3, 2010

We didn’t quite make it to the mile high club but our pregnancy numbers are a reason to be grateful.   My progesterone is a 56.1 and my HCG at 149.   Given that we were tested the first day after my missed period I think we are off to an amazing start!  My next scheduled blood test is on Monday so expect some big numbers then.  It is Day 4 and we still haven’t told any of our family and friends yet .  We are going to wait until after our glowing report on Tuesday of next week to do so.  I am totally savoring having our little secret and keeping it isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.   I think it has something to do with it being the second time around for us.

The four F’s are really kicking into high gear, especially the farty/flatulence!  This is so embarrassing! Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda is first pregnant and passes the gas walking down the street with Carrie?  She made some joke about pull my finger.  That is totally me.   God help anyone who gets stuck in an elevator with me!  Does anyone know of anything that helps with this?   Google recommends taking your PNV (prenatal vitamin) at night.  I am trying a vitamin that you take every eight hours.   It is supposed to assist with nausea and is called Citra-Natal B-Calm. My research also suggested avoiding bubbly beverages- and one site even said- gasp- potatoes. Perhaps today I will go sans potat and S. Pelligrino and see if that helps.  Since I am drinking so much water, I also am obsessed with Organic Lemons and Limes.   I buy a big bag of each at Trader Joes and then slice them up and keep them in the fridge at home and at work.   They make my water sing and the health benefits are abundant. Now if only I could figure out what do to about my fun bags.  My cups runith over!   At this rate, I will soon be able to get a second job as a boob stunt double for Heidi Montag.  Not that she needs one.

Speaking of fun bags- since there is a diaper bag for babies- shouldn’t there be a pregnancy bag for mommies to be?  I am carrying around so much extra stuff now that I need to supersize my bag.  Guess I’ll have to get a new one!  Yoo hooo Marc Jacobs!   My initial pregnancy bag essentials:

Deodorant-  an increased sense of smell coupled with the fact that I feel hot all the time- enough said

Gum-  helps me with the naush- and who doesn’t like fresh breath?

PNVs-  Since I am on the three pack  I am keeping these with me at all times to make sure I never forget.

Cracker/snacks/nuts- A little nosh for my naush

Stylish Flip flops- A ten hour day in Louboutins is just not happening-  my choice this week are the Reef- In the mood- comfy and like my moods they change colors!

Perfume-  What can I say?  There is a lot of stank out there.  Perfume is like a portable version of calgon take me away.  .  My ob “scent”sion is Emillio Pucci Vivara in Acqua-  crisp and light for summer.

I am officially campaigning  for the pregnancy bag since toady I am not feeling that ill. It is definitely because of these essentials and the  pill!


2 Responses to “Inflatuation with Fun Bags”

  1. Pregnant Me Says:

    I’m glad I have stummbled upon your blog! Your posts are great! Mind if I add your blog to my blogroll?

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