What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Happy Hour or Smell You Later? June 5, 2010

Depending on what time of the day it is the blog content could look very different.  For most of the afternoon my vom-o-meter was at a solid 6 and I was not doing so well.   It is early evening and I am doing pretty pretty pretty good.  I feel compelled to tell you about the most amazing discovery.  If you are like me, weekends are usually filled with Alcohol loaded events.   Tonight the Hawks are in the finals and all of the city of Chicago is out watching and celebrating with various libations.  Normally, I would have my glass of wine and join in the fun.   Hubby is out I town so luckily we aren’t meeting any friends tonight and I don’t have to come up with excuses of why I am not drinking. I am heading to pick him up soon and have an hour or so to kill.  Normally, I might have a glass of wine and unwind after a hectic week.  Since we are PO- preggers official-  that I thought was not in the cards for me until I remembered reading something about non-alcoholic wines.  I made a stop at my local Binny’s and low and behold- there are tons.  I tried the Ariel Chardonnay, and the Fre Cabernet.  OMG the Fre Cabernet is delicious!  It doesn’t really taste like a Cab should but still is just as satisfying!  I am in heaven sitting outside with my wine glass and a lovely evening!  I am picturing this becoming an essential in my Preggy bag- A new name for the bag mentioned yesterday’s blog.   Note to self- buy stock in non-alcoholic wine immediately!

Something else scent-sational is going on.  I am starting to notice that my sense of smell is definitely heightened.   I also can’t think of a single food that is appetizing and walking through food court today was more annoying than normal.   Everything smells gross and nothing sounds good yet if I don’t eat anything my stomach gets queasy.   I desperately want to eat healthy and am thinking that coming up with a plan will be a good weekend project for me.  I can go to the grocery and get tons of healthy snacks that I can take to work and graze on throughout the day.   Meals just aren’t working for me and I need some fruit and veggies on hand along with maybe some wheat pitas and hummus.  I also want to get into an exercise habit.  Since this week has been so exhausting I have not done my usual activities and I need those back.   I want to be a healthy PL (pregnant lady) with healthy habits.  I am thinking if I get on a schedgie now I will stick to it during the harder months ahead.

Speaking of hard, we have still decided to keep this between us and it pains me to say this but I am not looking forward to telling people.  I find people’s reactions annoying.  I also only want to tell close friends and family until after the first trimester but am really struggling because I know my mom will tell her sisters and I just don’t want them in my business just yet.  I don’t want any more of their inappropriate remarks and there is no reason they need to know now.   Can I really not tell her?   Then I don’t get to tell my brother and sister in law and I dying to talk to her about it.  Why is it so hard for my mom to keep her mouth shut??  It is so unfair that she cannot be trusted and it totally takes away from my experience.  I have a couple of close friends that know we started clomid and I want to tell them too-but I feel bad telling someone before I tell my mother.   So what is a girl to do?  Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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