What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

The never ending hangover June 11, 2010

Today we are at  week 5 day 4.  According to my What to Expect Iphone app our babies are the size of sweet peas.   Notice I say babies?  I am totally convinced we are having twins. We like the term sweet pea and I think that is going to stick around for awhile.  Last week we were the size of an orange seed.  Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow read hers was the size of an Apple seed at this time and the name just stuck?  Things are going well, but I tell you this nausea is not a very good time.  It is almost non-stop- luckily I haven’t started hurling and hopefully wont but this feeling is bad enough.  I feel like I have a 24 hour hangover without the massive headache.   I am completely exhausted and there are only a few minutes in the day when I actually feel totally normal.  Standing is not my friend and nothing seems to take away the nausea.  I am eating small meals throughout the day and it is still there.   I am so happy to have these symptoms because it means I am pregnant but I do feel pretty miserable overall.  I read that weird hairs may start sprouting, I haven’t noticed that yet and my skin has been normal and clear.   I also read somewhere that your hair can change texture and I am secretly hoping that I lose some of my curls.  They are a little too kinky and if they soften up a bit it would be amazing!

I have been invited to a small dinner party at my girlfriends next week and I think I am going to decline going.  I would love to spend some time with the girls but none of them know that I am pregnant.  I would totally be up for it but am worried about the alcohol thing.   We always drink wine at girl’s dinners and if I turned it down would be the equivalent of taking out a megaphone and telling everyone I am expecting.  I have never turned down a glass of wine at one of these events and if I did it would be a dead giveaway- my girls are smart!   Hubby and I decided to keep this between us until after the 7 week ultrasound.  Once we get a good result- and picture we are going to tell people then.  I looked online for excuses to tell people why you are not drinking and couldn’t find anything that would be believable.  The standard “I am on antibiotics” seems the most common but really have you ever heard of anyone not being able to have at least one glass of wine on antibiotics?  I just don’t think I could pull it off.   I considered taking my alcohol free wine but what if someone reads the label?   I will be asked and outed and I am just not ready to go there yet. What is a girl to do?  I wish I could take a nap and sleep on it.  It is mid afternoon and I am exhausted!  My only decent hours of the day are from 9-2 then it is downhill from there!  I am trying to write during theses hours because when I come home from work I feel like a spent Phil Donahue and my blogs would bore you to tears!  Since I am basically in hiding for the next couple of weeks I probably still will bore you to tears.  I mean right now someone in the office put on some coconut smelling lotion in the next room and I smell it as if I was wearing it…. hating it…while listening to the crowd outside me office cheering for the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory- happy for them but ready to throw a Chelsea dagger!


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