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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Mocktail anyone? June 14, 2010

We are six weeks today.  Our bebes are the size of peas and have little heart beats which isn’t audible yet but it is there!  So fun! One week away from our 7 week sonogram and when we will tell people.  Might I just say that I am a little apprehensive about spreading the word?   I really need to take a moment to vent.   Hubby and I decided that we would each tell one person.  I made the fool mistake of telling one of my girlfriends.  I chose to tell her for two reasons.  1. Because she knew we were taking clomid and was texting me about results, I didn’t think I could have avoided her for a month without her asking.  2.  She is also pregnant and I thought this would be a great bond for us because our children would be the same grade in school and she would be super supportive.  She was really excited when I told on the phone but that was it.  I haven’t heard from her in a week.   Did she send me a text to see how I was doing or drop me a card in the mail? No nothing.  I sent her a card the day after she told me she was pregnant despite the trepidation I was feeling about it.  Am I expecting too much here?  I tend to have high expectations of people, but I must admit I am a little disappointed.  Shame on me though, I should have expected this, this is after all the same friend who never gave me a wedding present and didn’t call me for a month because she didn’t like the way I handled an incident involving my husband and a mutual acquaintance.  Whatever.  When will I learn?

We had a family get together yesterday and I was quite impressed that I fooled everyone into thinking I was drinking.  It is so easy when you are the hostess.  I made myself mocktails that looked just like drinks and even sipped on a glass of my non-alcoholic wine.  OMG the Fre Chardonnay was delish!  I totally felt like I was having a glass of real wine and the taste is amazing.  I am thinking about switching to that even after the pregnancy- who needs a hangover?  I was also excited because daytime is my best time and I didn’t get sick at all while people were over.  I find that if I eat every two hours during the day I feel good.  If I don’t I get light headed and woozy.   The worst time for me is at night.   I get soo nauseous and feel the worst then.  I definitely have early evening/night sickness and morning sickness.   I have a lot of consternation about all this eating.  I don’t want to be a whale and gain too much weight but if I don’t eat I get sick.   I try to have a snack before going to bed because I am less woozy in the morning that way.  Let me tell you that is hard!  I feel so awful at night that I am literally eating my way through sickness- talk about powering through! Oh vey!

I did yoga for 45 minutes yesterday so I am also wondering if that helped me with having such a good day.  I have set a goal is to walk or do yoga every or every other day for 30 to 40 minutes.  Walking really helps with the nausea and I am going to get some exercise in the process and yoga helps with my circulation and strength.  Since my schedule is so hectic and attending a class would be to challenging I can do both of these things on my own time.  On Demand has some great yoga workouts and I have various DVDs so there is no excuse.  I haven’t been that great about keeping a healthy regimen and now is the time.  Being healthy for my family and starting a solid routine now will be something that I can carry all through parenthood.   I want to set a good example and help my children to form healthy habits early on.   How can I do this if I am sitting on my fat duff all day?   Time to get to stepping!  Another health area I am researching is skin care products.  Since chemicals are absorbed through the skin I think during this pregnancy I am going to change up my products and go with organic and natural products both in what I eat and what I slather on.  I switched my entire make up regimen to Bare Essentials and my next task is skin care lines and baby rub it down and make it smooth like lotion!  Any recommendations?


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  1. C. Gonzales Says:

    I’m a little behind in reading this. Working my way up from the bottom. Burt’s Bees is the only line I’ve found that doesn’t have all of the no-no products during pregnancy and in my opinion, in general. Right down to their toothpaste they forgo the Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and other taboo ingredients. Whole Food’s brand makes a huge and very inexpensive line of conditioner, shampoo and body wash that have no parabens or SLS, etc. This was my number one research item since my pregnancy brought on non-stop, 3 week hives.

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