What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Impress yourself! June 15, 2010

I have officially entered the world of weird pregnant lady cravings.   Since my office’s median temperature is something akin to the Arctic Circle I am freezing every day.   My Burberry blanket isn’t enough to keep me warm!  Normally I would opt for an afternoon cup of coffee or make a hot tea but since I am watching my caffeine intake neither of these are a viable option these days.  Let me preface this by saying I am a salt tooth by nature.   I NEVER crave chocolate and am more of a fry- aholic than a chocoholic.  Freezing to death and in need of an afternoon snack I sauntered over to the market near my office.  I ended up buying the following:  hot cocoa (99% caffeine free), maple water distillate, coconut water, granola bars and boxes of frozen vegetables.  Sound like the menu of a typical PL (pregnant lady)?

I made myself a cup of the cocoa when I got back and it was to die for!  Creamy and delicious- if not downright heavenly.  I wish I was drinking a mug now.   I am nervous about having this as a regular basis because it is basically poison in a packet.  I am going to start a quest for some healthy natural variety of this the next time I am at TJ’s or Whole Foods or maybe even an Organic Variety at Dominick’s.   Since my babies organs are forming right now I am cognizant of everything that I eat.   I had Wendy’s this weekend and felt horrendous afterward because it really did not sit well and I felt bad feeding it to my babes!  Since this isn’t my normal diet I am not going to stress about it but am trying so hard to be careful!  Last night I made lasagna for dinner and most of the ingredients were organic, I added spinach to my half for extra vitamins.   Hubby said it was good, but it was a challenge for me to eat.  I know if I didn’t have more than a few bites it would bite me in the butt later so again I powered through and was able to have a small portion.  Then up to my couch to snuggle with my doggies and watch my Monday night reality fix.  I am fascinated by the Bachelorette-  who are these people?  Who gets a tattoo?  Insane.   And the Real Housewives-  all locations crazy mean girls everywhere!  I don’t know why I watch these shows- its not like I don’t have enough mean girls in my real life.

So yes no word from my frenemy yet.  Hubby and I were chatting on the way to work about how much we enjoy having this between us because there is no let down right now.  We also were talking about managing our expectations because only a handful of our friends truly are supportive and it isn’t worth it to get wrapped up in those that aren’t.  I haven’t written much about this so far but I am sure it will come to light as the months go on.  Relationships have really changed for us over the years and commonalities with our friends have changed as well.  We have worked very hard over the past few years to build start up businesses and it has really changed or perception of what is important in life. We have always been successful and what we consider sacrifices are luxuries for some truly have put our family and life in perspective.  We are in a great place and our businesses are flourishing and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be where we are at! It’s funny but people that I once was impressed by now seem self-absorbed and superficial.  I am all about the people and interested in developing my relationships with those that aren’t out to impress or judge but rather are open-minded and non-judgmental and fun- no judge Judy’s here!     Impress yourself-  sung to the tune of Madonna’s Vogue is feeling like a little mantra of what I am all about- impressing myself by trying to live with class and dignity.  The key word here is trying!  BTW I feel totally normal/non-ill right now and am going to take a moment to relish in it! Ahhhhhhhh


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