What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Another one of my brilliant ideas! June 16, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy…..I don’t think Ke$ha wrote these lyrics with the same thought in mind that I have. Which is I feel like puke diddy or pass out diddy or poo diddy! Today was a particularly bad morning. I even had a snack before bed time last night and still felt like crapola this morning. This really is not fun. I am only a few weeks in and I am already WAY over it. I have got to find something that will help me with this nausea! Seriously. I am a horrible sick person- there is nothing I detest more in the world than feeling ill. I need to send out some positive vibes that I am going to start feeling better. Yesterday was such a great day. I felt good most of the day and ate healthy meals. Last night was even pretty mild I was more tired than sick which I will take that any day of the week and twice on Fridays! It’s the fainty queasy nausea that is the worst and it hit me like a ton o’bricks this morning. I had my little handful of nuts and still crapsville! Not to mention my tender teets and yet I set at my desk typing away like nothing is wrong. Smiling on the outside….dying on the inside!

I missed the famers market yesterday because of another one of my favorite pregnancy symptoms which is that I find myself extremely absent minded, more so than normal. I even put a reminder for the market on my Outlook calendar and somehow completely forgot it was there. I wanted to get some healthy produce for snacks this week and completely missed it. I hope I don’t forget to go to the one this Saturday in my neighborhood. It is a wonder that I have remained so collected at work. If only they knew!

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea this morning regarding the girls dinner this Saturday. Originally I was going to miss the dinner altogether which I was feeling sad about. I always believe that I can do anything I want and am able to overcome any challenge that comes my way. I told the girls I thought my parents were coming by this weekend and I was thinking I could say they might be leaving on Saturday and that maybe I tell the girls I can’t make it to dinner but that I will try to stop by later for dessert if they leave early enough. Upon arrival, I will bring a bottle of vodka and some really unique mixers and tell the girls I want to make them a special fun drink for dessert- then- I can play bartender and keep mine virgin! This plan is perfect in so many ways….I can avoid the obvious drinking denial, I don’t have to worry about wanting to hurl over the salmon she is serving(she is an amazing cook just the thought of fish….), I am not committing to going so if I feel sick that night it won’t be weird if I don’t show up. I knew I could do if I put my back in to it! I recognize there is a little white lie involved here which I am never that big a fan of but hey- a girls got to do what a girls got to do! BTW my bebes are the size of blueberries this week- I think I will make my fun drink with a blueberry flavor in recognition!


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