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Sea Biscuit June 17, 2010

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Good morning Dolls!  I am working from home today because our dog walker dislocated her knee.  Her misfortune is my gain!  It is going to be 90 and sunny today so I am trying to figure out a way to move this office outside.   Since I am a pale rider sans tanning lotion I need to get some rays!   Hopefully I can figure out a way to make my computer screen viewable on the deck so I can be productive.   I am getting so excited for the week to end.  Only a few more days until we go to the doctor for our 7 week ultrasound.  I talked to my sister in law last night and was thinking it will be so nice when I can actually ask her questions.  Especially since my one person I already told turned out to be a bust.  I recognize I could call her but what can I say I am stubborn.  In really thinking about it I am not so sure we would be on the same page with much of this anyway.  So no harm no foul.

I researched this horrendous nausea yesterday for some healthy remedies.   Apparently, in this case healthy and fashionable do not fall into to the same category.   I am referring to those wrist bands that are supposed to combat nausea.   I googled and there are many more attractive options on line-note I say more attractive because there are none that even fall into the attractive category.  Where is the gold or silver or bling band?  Since I am a need it now type of girl and was feeling so terrible yesterday that I went down to CVS and bought the Sea Bands.   I am Sea Biscuit.   These things could not be less awful they look like miniature sweatbands strait out of Richard Simmons closet!  The only time these could ever look slightly appropriate would be in a Sweating to the Oldies video and even then are questionable.  I tried to put a cuff bracelet over one but there is no way to cover the one on my watch arm without wearing long sleeves.  From a fashion standpoint they are heinous.   Let me also say that they are also kind of painful.  Not like breaking a leg or anything but pretty uncomfortable to wear.  The little bead presses in too hard when I bend my wrists and the fabric is tight and itchy.   I wore these things all day yesterday and I am not going to lie my nausea was almost non-existent.  Unfortunately they were so uncomfortable I had to take them off before going to bed.   So here are my options, ugly and uncomfortable- I mean they really ruin any outfit- or terrible nausea.  I don’t really see either as an amazing option.  Since these are not my ideal accessory du juour I am going to add them to the Preggy Bag and reserve using them for those times when I am desperate.  Except I am already to starting to feel the nausea creep in as I type.   On they go.  I am sure these will make for some fabulous tan lines.  So annoying but I can keep them on while I am at home and because our office is so cold I almost always have a jacket on so I think I can pull these off for a few days while I access their worth. Oh the glamour


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