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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Red Rover June 18, 2010

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Red Rover send me right over!  In my attempts to lose my pale rider status yesterday I came out the other side lobsterfied.  I even put on sun block and still am burnt!  Not to mention I have tan lines where my sea bands were.  I truly do not understand this.   I took them off the whole time I thought I was in direct sunlight and yet I still have a hand farmer’s tan.  WTF.  Sun burn and nausea what could be better?   Even the Aloe I applied isn’t working!  Thank God I am working from home today because I would feel like a total moron in public.   Luckily I used a different sunblock on my face and that went unscathed but my bootylicous body is another thing.   There go my plans to work outside again today.  I thought for sure it would be gone this morning but I swear it is worse than last night!  Just call me Pinky Tuscadero!

The sea bands are actually working.  Despite their unattractive nature they seem to do the trick.  I had them on most of the day yesterday and must admit I felt pretty good.  They don’t hurt that much anymore but I did take them off to go to bed.  Do you think I should get a bedazzler and bling them out?  They would really look more like a bracelet that way.  Why would they not make these to look more like bracelets?  I mean layered bracelets are so in right now-  I could totally pull these off if they looked anything like a bracelet.   Clearly the creators of this product have no fashion sense.  I searched for other color options and let me know tell you the options are there are no options.  The ones that are supposed to be “fashionable” look like something strait out of the Hello Kitty collection.   Perfect for a girl in junior high but not at all appropriate for anyone with an ounce of sophistication.  I like a little whimsy don’t get me wrong but really there isn’t an outfit in the world that can pull these off! It is supposed to be in the 90s all weekend and if I want to leave the house I am going to have to go sans sea band.  I am going to run out this afternoon and see if I can’t find something stretchy to cover them up with!

Might I take a moment to mention that we are days away from the ultrasound?   I can’t wait to get this show on the road!  It seems like this pregnancy is taking forever and not being able to really share it with anyone isn’t helping.  I might add that my frenemy has still not contacted me and I know she is certainly up to it since I noticed she had updates on Facebook today. Confirmation of what I was already thinking.  It has been almost two weeks since I shared this with her and not a peep.    Chime in at any time here…is this rude or do I have unusually high expectations?  I really hope that I can manage to attend the girls party after dinner on Saturday-  I could really use some time with my friends!


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