What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Crown to rump June 21, 2010

Anticlimactic seems like my life’s descriptive lately.  It pretty much covers the weekend in every way- not that that’s a bad thing.  I was so tired this weekend that I decided to skip the girl’s party.  Nights are so ill for me that I just didn’t think it made any sense.  Also I would have needed to lose the sea bands and that is like a death wish at night.  Note- I couldn’t find any suitable sea band disguisers.  A cuff or large bangle can easily cover one- but who wears one on each wrist without looking like Wonder Woman? I will still be on the lookout but haven’t found any solution just yet.  The highlight of my weekend was not getting highlights…which I desperately needed but sunning topless on my roof top deck.  There really isn’t anyone who can see me and it is something that I tried on my honeymoon in Monaco that was rather nice.   No tan lines and the feel of sun on your skin is wonderful.  No burns this time just a few minutes of partial nudity and then the show was over.   Kind of a guilty pleasure if you will.  It was a great weekend over all, lot of QT with the hubby, healthy eating, my doggies, and relaxing but nothing too exciting.

The seven week sonogram was today.   I guess per usual I had some high expectations here.  How to describe this experience….anticlimactic.   The whole process took literally 15 minutes.  I was not told to have a full bladder and the technician used the intra – vag device to conduct the sonogram. It was literally in and out- slam bam thank you mam.  We could see the heartbeat which was pretty cool but the rest was a little too speedy.  The heart rate is 126 and our CRL was 1.1.  CRL means crown to rump length which god love my hubby he starts making rump jokes in the midst of it and I was laughing my rump off!  She did tell me that she saw some fibroids which I found very concerning but she told us that they are very common.  I will not feel good about these until we talk to the doctor about it and plan on making a call tomorrow to follow up and see if she read the ultrasound and what this fibroid business is.  I have a feeling we are going to become quite well known at this doctor’s office and I hope they have a good sense of humor.   As we were walking to the checkout my hubby walking with ultrasound picture in hand was yelling out “crown to rump” down the hallway.  “crown to rump” -Pretty funny stuff.

Of course I already googled this information as soon as I got back to the office and am feeling a little better.  Apparently seeing the heart beat is a big deal-  this lowers the chances of miscarriage to less than 15% according to my findings.  So loving that piece of info.  Fibroids seem pretty common and in most cases don’t cause any complications but in the ones that do there can be some issues.  I am going to reserve worry on this until I have had a chance to discuss with the actual doctor….hard as it may be.  Is it wrong that I am a little disappointed there is only one?  I thought fo shizzle we were having twins and only one bebe showed up.  With my horrendous illness I thought twins would be an excellent way of avoiding this again in the future because we definitely want more than one and would be a great start to a family.  Is it wrong that I am even still wondering if my fibroid was covering the other bebe?  Ok- Time to get over it-  I am very excited about the heartbeat and that so far so good on healthy size and for now the fibroids can bite me.


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