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One-derful Raspberry Beret! June 23, 2010

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The last couple of days of been one-derful, I haven’t been feeling that ill thanks to my sea bands and I am excited about our baby!  I recognize that I was a little twin obsessed so I am focusing on all the excitement of our singleton pregnancy.  We told our immediate family this week and they are so excited.  I actually had some tears while talking to my parents and I am so happy to hear their excitement.  It really is something special to celebrate a new life!   Since the baby is the size of a raspberry I told my parents that I would give them regular updates on their grand-berry.   A raspberry is pretty big is it not?   Of course I can’t get Raspberry Beret out of my head.  I wonder what fruit is next?   Everyone was so supportive and excited it was really fun.  I don’t know why I am not looking forward to telling the majority of my friends.  I shared the news with one of my close friends last night and we had such a great conversation.  I feel like we are on the same page about things and love that she is so down to earth about things.  So far one for one.  I am having lunch with another one of my girls today so hopefully that will be enjoyable as well!

I have also decided not to obsess over the fibroid. If it was something to worry about the doctor would have had us come back in or called us to discuss.  Everything I read said that they can be very common and cause no problems.   Perhaps the technician misread the test.  It seems like you guessed it diet and exercise can contribute.  More reasons for a healthy life style.  Like I needed another!  I really need to get together with those fruits and veggies!  I went to the farmers market yesterday and would you believe it they were completely sold out of all fruits and vegetables.  Note to self – go earlier next time.  Why is is so hard to find healthy food in the city?  I mean with all of my pregger restrictions and healthy eating goals this is quite the challenge-  perhaps I will need to become a full time brown bagger!   Guess I need a bigger Preggy Bag to accommodate my healthy lunch!

I watched the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona this weekend and it really got me thinking.  No- I am not looking for a threesome- but more about the appetite that the women had for exploring life.  I also thought it was nice that they were both interested in exploring together.   Few of my friends have cultural interests so I am constantly missing events I am interested in going to because I don’t want to go by myself.  My husband and I used to go to plays and galleries when we first started dating and I am going to bring it back.  We live in an amazing city that has so much to offer and we need to take advantage of it and this seems like a great time to do it. Now more than ever we need to focus on our interests and get out there and enjoy life.  We have more flexibility with our time now and I want my children to see their parents as people that do thins outside of shopping and watching TV.  I am not knocking these activities as I enjoy them thoroughly but let’s face it they really aren’t that thought provoking and don’t expand your thinking very much.  God love you Bravo and the brilliance and entertainment of reality TV but I need to work on my own reality!


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