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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Diane Von Bustenberg June 24, 2010

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Fashion and the pregnant lady…oh the dilemmas.   I full well understand the fact that in a few months I will be showing and have already ordered a bevy of maxi dresses and pregnant appropriate wear.  What I didn’t expect was to start having issues this early on.  Since June is literally busting out all over my work dresses are starting to become a problem.   Today I have a meeting and it is 90 degrees outside.  I usually opt for a stylish wrap dress and some peep toe heels and today was no different except that I needed not one but three safety pins to keep the damn thing closed!  Last year this dress fit perfectly- dare I admit I am wearing something from last season???  Last year DVF and fabulous- this year Diane Von Bustenberg.  My bulging chest makes me feel like a sexy librarian porn star- except that I am not naked underneath and about to perform dirty acts on anyone around me.  I am heading out to a client meeting soon so I am hoping this will work to my advantage.

I have been wearing the sea bands pretty religiously and they are my favorite feel good/not look good accessory.  I am not wearing them today due to short sleeved wrap dress and have had a couple waves of not feeling so good.   I think I am going to whip those bad boys on as soon as I get home so I don’t feel worse later.  My appetite is nil.  Nothing sounds good to me at all.  I am so over all of my lunch options downtown. I need some new options.  I can’t think of one thing I would like to eat during the day.  I had an amazing salad for lunch with my girlfriend yesterday but even ordering that was a challenge.  The Cesar salad was made with raw egss and most of the salads had some sort of feta or blue cheese which could be an issue.  Luckily I found an amazing salad the Gigi- at the Palm- if only I could have that every day!  Shrimp, avocados, beans, tomatoes- delish!   Also love the name Gigi! The lunch was so much fun-she was so excited an supportive-  love her! She suggested that I take a folic acid supplement like she did during her pregnancies because of the spinal wonders it does for the bebe and I say it can’ t hurt.  How much is enough?   Since the body eliminates any extra why not add a little more into the mix?  Folates are also common in asparagus and spincach which I normally enjoy but don’t necessarily have every day.  Nothing else to exciting to report here…looking forward to Monday’s doctor appointment where I can get all my questions answered….let’s hear it for tanning lotion!


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