What to Expect When You are Not Expecting

My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Knock Knock July 2, 2010

Who’s there?  Olive…Olive Who?  Olive you- little baby! Congraduation to my little one who has graduated from an embryo to a fetus!  My baby is now a fetus the size of an Olive!  I can’t believe I am growing an olive right now.  Does that mean I pee Olive oil?  The non-virgin variety.  I have been following most of my health rules and feeling great this week.   I am especially obsessed with drinking water- hence the inappropriate pee reference.  I think H20 is the real miracle worker here.   I went out to dinner last night and sucked down about six glasses of water and although I was a little shaky upon arrival-  I felt pretty good the rest of the night!  I even stayed out until almost 10 on a school night!  Who knew?

Ok before I go any further I have to comment on a few things that went down last night.  My opinions on acceptable pregnant behavior are quite different than my friends.   I am by no means insinuating any level of properness is required because I like to be inappropriate with the best of them but I am referencing the matter of health and doctor’s advice.  So a couple of my girlfriends had dinner last night and one of the other girls is also pregnant.   I was very intrigued by a few of her comments.  First was that she told our unmarried/never been pregnant friend that there weren’t any restrictions on what you can eat when you are pregnant.   I did not get this memo!  She then proceeded to order and drink three cokes.  Mind you I wasn’t monitoring her intake but we didn’t have the best waitress and they were kind of lined up in front of me.  Let me preface this by saying I am in no way passing judgment on her or her choices because I think people need to do what works for them.  As you know what is good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander but I thought these no nos were common knowledge.    Isn’t it standard pregnant behavior that certain foods should be avoided?  And pop should be limited to one glass a day if any.   My doctor spent so much time going over nutrition with us that I thought it was so interesting that someone would think so differently.   Do I have the world’s strictest doctor?  Am I taking things too literal?  I feel like I need to be so careful about my intake and she is so cavalier seemingly polar opposites.  I wanted to learn more but wan’’t sure how to approach the subject without coming across as a bitch but I feel like this requires some further investigation.   Am I the only wanna be pregnant food nazi?

Further, why am I craving sweets?   I have never in my life been one to desire chocolate and yesterday I made my afternoon snack a brownie.  What is that all about?  I am not even going to start with the crap I ate for dinner last night….how was I to say no to truffle fries?  At least had a few shrimps and hummus with veggies to even things out but still not a stellar performance on my part.  I totally should have ordered that macadamia nut crusted fish on the menu and not been suckered into the fried oblivion that made it to the table.  I only had a few bites of everything so it wasn’t that bad but the fish would have been a much better option.   Today is another day!   Is anyone doing anything fun for the Fourth of July weekend?   We are going to play it pretty low key.  Perhaps a family bbq and some R and R and snuggling with my boys.  I am also going to clean out my closet and get some items up on ebay as well as get together some returns.   I am trying to find my pregnant fashion voice and sort of stumbling here a little bit….what is a girl to do?


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