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Good bye belt- Hello Blazer! July 10, 2010

So I have been to wimpy to get the stach waxed yet.   I think tomorrow is the day!  I am getting a massage and facial and figure what the heck why not add it in.    It has been a pretty busy week work wise and since I have been feeling pretty good not a lot of down time.  My morning sickness has been sporadic and limited and not too severe at all.  I am just more tired than I used to be.   I spent some time this week going through my closet.   A few of my wardrobe favorites are sadly no longer on the roster.   My fitted dresses are too tight in the boobs and I feel like my mid section is so bloated it doesn’t look good.  I haven’t really gained much if any weight yet so not sure what this is all about but I can say good bye belts- hello blazers!  Its kind of like growing out your bangs.   I am in this in between stage.  Not yet showing but still bloating!  Once I have the preggers belly I will have no problem with form fitting clothes because it is so obvious that you are preggers but right now I just look like I have a gut and big boobs-  not hot.   Maybe I should just forget about it and go full on white trash and wear some short shorts and let it all hang out!  Not- I am instead camouflaging this by wearing loose fitting clothes and think that blazers are a miracle.   Thank the good lord they are so in style.   Like most working women, I have four different wardrobes that must needed a  preggers overhaul:

  • The work wardrobe.  During the summer I wear a lot of wrap dresses or fitted dresses and heels.   I am not feeling those at all right now so in order to stay professional and feel good about myself I have found that strait or shift dresses with a blazer and a statement necklace are the way to go.   Good bye DVF wrap dresses for now.  I bought a couple of really cute shift dresses one is black with sequins and the other is white but ruffled at the bottom super cute popping out of a blazer!.  These are my two faves because they can go from work to out to dinner and still look great!  Pants also are a non-issue so I can wear those with a loose fitted top and blazer as well.   Always with some great jewelry and a pair of heels.   I never leave home without a pair of cute flip flops stashed in my bag in case I have the opportunity to walk.
  • The at home after work wardrobe.  This consists of leggings or sweat pants and a comfy over sized top.   In the summer a super casual T-shirt Dress is also great on those hot nights.  I love to have cute lounge wear and try not to look like a Hague even when I feel like one.  Sometimes I even grab one of hubbies tops which can look cute like a dress or over some leggings.  Slouchy and soft.  Plus he loves it when I wear his clothes.  I haven’t had to make any adjustments to this wardrobe yet and am thinking I might be able to go through the whole pregnancy with what I have.  Score!
  • The running errands going to a casual bbq wardrobe.  You never know who you might run into so I never leave the house without feeling pulled together.   For me a maxi-dress or shirt dress with some flat sandals is my uniform.  I throw on a stack of bangles and I am out the door.   This is the best part of the preggy wardrobe.  I get to feel stylish and oh so comfortable.   I love the Gypsy05 maxi dresses especially and have been obsessed with Grayce by Molly Sims jewelry.  It can dress up the most boring outfit! Note- ordered a size up in a couple maxis thinking I might want the room and I really didn’t need it.  Another score!
  • Going out wardrobe.  When hubby and I go out on the town or for a dinner with the girls I like to bling it on.  I bought the peach Halston Heritage Dress that Carrie wore in Sex and the City 2 and let me tell you it is fabulous for the pretty bi-otch.  I saw another one pop up on ebay in blue and am thinking I might need it.  It is that comfy and so cute and let me tell you NOTHING shows in that dress! I think it will be great for a September wedding I am going to and if I get the blue one that can go into winter.     I also picked up a couple dressier maxi-dresses and am liking the strapless styles that have some draping in the front.   I just ordered a gorgeous Cut 25 dress from Intermix that I think is going to work fab with some of my new jewels for a cocktail party I have to go to! Love- see you can be pregnant and fabulous!

How long do you think I can make it without going full on maternity?  I think if I stick to lose fitting style I can go a long way without entering the dreaded maternity store- I don’t know why but I have a maternity store aversion.   They just seem awful to me for some reason and I know they have come a long way and have some really cute styles but I digress.  I have a girlfriend who never bought any maternity clothes-has anyone else?


One Response to “Good bye belt- Hello Blazer!”

  1. Another trick to keep wearing your regular pants longer is to put a rubber band through the belt loop and use that to button it. It might buy you a few more weeks. Also, they have these panel things at maternity stores that “expand” your waistline so depending on how low you carry you might be able to wear your regular pants the whole pregnancy. With my first, I carried really low and was wearing maternity pants at about 10 weeks. I just looked a little chunky until about 5 months when my belly finally looked like a baby bump. Now at almost 10 weeks with #2, I’ve started wearing maternity pants more out of comfort than necessity. I think I’m carrying higher this time, my regular pants still fit, but my belly hangs over the top, so not attractive! With my first, I was hugely pregnant in the winter so I just wore sweatpants and folded the waist under my bump. They were awesome, so comfy and I didn’t feel bad still wearing them 3-4 months after the baby was born because they weren’t maternity clothes! Once you do start wearing the maternity clothes though and discover the comfort that is the elastic waistband you’ll wonder how you’ll ever go back to buttons and zippers! Just a little FYI: Unless you’re one of those freaks that loses all the baby weight in 2 weeks you’ll be wearing your maternity clothes for a month or two after you have the baby. Unless you give in and buy real pants in your “new” size, which will be 2-3 sizes bigger than your pregnancy size, depending on how much weight you gain.

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