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Craving a craving! August 4, 2010

According to both my iphone apps (Sprout and What to Expect) I have officially entered my second trimester and my baby is the size of a lemon. Aren’t lemons smaller than peaches? Did my baby shrink this week? Is my pregnancy a lemon? I am going to just assume that they were referring to a smallish peach and a large lemon and that my baby is still growing strong! The books say that this is the time where I should start showing and have cravings.  It is also said that my morning sickness should be subsiding.  Wrong.  I must admit I am rather jealous of all the other PL’s out there who are getting cravings. Why can’t I have a craving? Is it so wrong to want a craving? I was reading some other blogs and everyone else seems to be past the morning sickness point and interested in food. I seriously could not name a single food that sounds good to me. I am still pretty nauseous and when I am hungry and I make myself eat snacks but find them barely palatable. Food is not my friend and so unappetizing. If I wasn’t terrified of feeling awful and starving my baby I would have no desire to eat- but love of the bebe prevails and so it is I have a snack. No wonder I haven’t gained much weight yet- secretly thrilled by this but also perplexed.

It’s funny I don’t really look very pregnant either. I look bloated and maybe a little chunky (awesome)  but not pregnant. I haven’t met a pair of pants that doesn’t still fit me. This is a good thing because I am sure the day they don’t fit will suck but not there yet. Let’s hope it holds off until fall when I can rock a nice legging! I wouldn’t even dream of entering a maternity store- yes I have an aversion to them- but really I don’t need maternity clothes and when my Mom was here this weekend she kept pressing my dresses in looking for a bump. I am by no means complaining on this regard but the morning sickness seriously needs to stop already. Take the sickness and give me the bump and the cravings stat! I have accepted the fact that I will feel like crap when I first get out of bed in the morning. I reassure myself all morning long that if I can get through getting ready I can sit in the car and rest for a bit. Seriously my ride to work is now my reward. What would I do without hubby who makes sure I have breakfast every morning and drives to work while I rest? A quick shout out to my love for that! I try to reward him by wearing low cut tops at home- he actually told me last night that my boobs look like a porn star. If he brings home dinner tonight perhaps I can reward him with a push- up bra!

Speaking of bras- any suggestion on a buying schedule for when you are pregnant. Do they make convertible bras that can stay through a few sizes? I need to look into this more. As for the morning sickness I have faith that it will subside someday soon and will continue my quest for a desirable meal. You know what they say….when life gives you lemons make lemonade and that is just what I intend to do.


One Response to “Craving a craving!”

  1. I’m sorry you’re still sick, but just think of it this way: the sicker you are the healthier the baby is! And cravings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. It’s maddening to crave something that isn’t available.
    Don’t worry about the weight gain, it’s coming. I haven’t gained anything yet either, nor did I the first time. I was 5 months before I started showing and gaining weight, I gained 10lbs a month after that. And I went from “kinda chunky” to “definitely pregnant” overnight! My clothes also still fit, albeit with a rubber band through the button hole. I also got a lot of empire waisted shirts in the juniors dept for my first pregnancy, they’re way cheaper than maternity shirts!
    About bras, since there’s no telling how big you’ll get (and you’ll get bigger when your milk comes in, I went from a C to a D overnight, it wasn’t pretty!) I would suggest getting a stretchy sportsbra type of bra. I got mine at Forever 21 (don’t know if they have that where you live). They’re a one size fits most bra and really comfortable.

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