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Gag me with a toothbrush? August 25, 2010

Another day….another pregnancy symptom.   At least I can say that it isn’t boring.  In fact quite and adventure.  I think the woozy/nausea section of this pregnancy has somewhat passed.   I feel OK when I wake up in the morning in that regard but what I have now are a whole new set of issues.  I think I may have some sort of pregnancy allergies.   Not severe or anything but more I often than not I have a sore throat, watery eyes, and every morning wake up with the worst post nasal drip.  I am about to get gross here girls but feel like this needs to be discussed.  Every morning I have this phlegm in the back of my throat- additionally I don’t know about you but my gag reflex is beyond sensitive right now.  What this results in is that if I move my tongue around at all- which you need to when thoroughly brushing your teeth I start to gag.  This is not just a little gag but major then the phlegm in the back of my throat seems like it sits on my gag reflex and next thing you know I am on my knees praying to the porcelain goddess.  Is this not the worst way to start a day?  My mouth is drooling and my stomach is majorly upset for the rest of the day making eating increasingly difficult.  I feel so gross that literally nothing sounds good.  I seriously feel like Rocky in Rocky IV-  I can’t win!  This has been my morning the last 4/5 days.   Today I made it through but feel like my teeth didn’t get as good of a brushing as they could and still had a little gagage.

I also am getting major food aversions from smell.  I like buffalo chicken wings and have had an interest in them for awhile.  The problem is that I can’t order them anywhere because I love them with blue cheese dressing and as you know blue cheese dressing is off limits unless it is pasteurized.   I can tell you from experience, because I have asked everywhere- restaurants that serve chicken wings cannot tell you if their dressing is pasteurized.   Also, most of the bottled dressings in the store are not made with pasteurized milk.  Having this conundrum, I figured I would make my own version.  I made and amazing buffalo marinade for chicken breasts and made my homemade ranch dressing (made with greek style yogurt instead of sour cream).  I also cut up some organic vegetables thinking this would be a great healthy dinner. I was so excited.    Wrong.  The chicken strips were too little to grill so we made them in the grill pan inside.   The smell of the cooking chicken was so awful to me that I couldn’t even eat them!  It was so bad that I couldn’t even eat in the kitchen and moved to the dining room and could only manage the vegetables and dip.   After that, I had to go to another floor in the house because the scent was permeating that air and I found it revolting.  Just thinking about it turns my stomach.   Will I ever get to eat a chicken wing?  I still have hope but it won’t be for awhile.  I did find that T Marzetti’s blue cheese dressing is the only one at my grocery store that says made with pastueruzed milk.   Maybe in a week I will be ready again and will just order up some wings so I don’t have to smell them cooking.  Oy vay!


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  1. Hyman Duba Says:

    Discovered your web site via bing the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the truly amazing work.

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