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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Belly Buster September 7, 2010

Labor Day is over and back to the grind. How was your weekend? Any fun BBQs or Labor? My weekend was not without its drama- something new. Saturday I noticed we had a message on our home phone. We both use our cells and office phones mainly so we don’t get a lot of calls at home. Low and behold- it was from my Dr’s office. WTF?? I was freaking out. I don’t have another appt for another two weeks so it definitely wasn’t a reminder. It was a message from the lab that said we have a “non-emergency” message for you so please call us back. Uhhh…I hadn’t been to the Dr in two weeks- what could they possibly be calling about? I don’t have any billing issues with them. I am not going to lie if I was a neurotic person I would have lost it over a long weekend. They left the message at 5 to 5 on Friday. Who does that? My mom and mother in law went ballistic. Surprisingly I took it in stride and hubby was a miffed. I figured that they lost something or who knows what and if it was something to be at all concerned with my actual doctor would have been the one calling and not saying non-emergency. But still- isn’t everything your doctor has to say urgent when you are preggers? Doesn’t all lab work mean something that you don’t want to wait three days to find out! I called first thing this morning and found out that it was to tell me our genetic screening came back normal. Hello- I was told if they didn’t call me in three days it was normal so this was not news. Thank god nothing was wrong! I might add I felt pretty good about not getting all worked up over this though- kudos to me I really am a grown up- maybe I actually am ready for this!

As if that wasn’t excitement enough- the weekend ended with a bang- Mark your calendars, it is official I can no longer button my pants and thus this will be the last day of 2010 that I wear my regular pants. Am I now officially preggo? I still think I look more fat than pregnant but people keep telling me I have a glow. I feel like the glow is more attributed to my new skin care products than anything but who knows-I’ll take the compliment! Thank you very much! Ugghh on the pants though. To get by today, I did the rubber band trick but don’t think this is really working for me- kind of un comfy. Did die laughing when I told hubby I needed one this morning and he brought me a large one thinking I would put the whole band around my waste to hold up the pants. Still laughing out loud when I think of that. Of course I immediately did my online research. My research concludes….I have no interest in investing in any maternity pants. I rarely wear them in the fall and winter and since I own my own business and am the only woman that works here, I am thinking that I might need to institute a “pregnancy” dress code that includes jeans. So maybe I buy a pair or two of cute maternity jeans and work them in with leggings dresses blazers etc. I did break down today and ordered a couple of maternity tank tops- mine are all so short so I need them longer to layer. I bought a ton of stuff on sale at bloomies this weekend- all non-maternity that I think are going to work AND be super cute. I will keep you posted upon arrival. Can I just share that I got these really cute faux leather leggings- OMG to die! I am excited to see how things fit – I suspect that whatever I get now will only last me a couple of months until I am huge and then I will reassess and purchase again. Good times. I also am wondering about this Bella Band- any recommendations? Has anyone tried one? Do they work? Since it was a long weekend and I had a day of misery (allergies) I had a chance to catch up on my reading. Am I the only person astounded by what they read pregnancy books? There is so much information contrary to what I have experienced that I am incredulous. Yes I know I have obsessed about genetic testing but I really need to set the record straight. All of the books I have say that if you are over 35 it is recommended to get an amnio. WHAT???? This is just not true. Girls if you are over 35 and thinking about genetic testing please read this. There are steps in the process and you can rule out genetic issues without and invasive amnio or CVS sampling but you have to start early in your pregnancy. We were offered genetic testing which involved a blood test and an ultrasound. Then four weeks later we took another blood test. We were told that if both came back normal than you were 97% likely to have a healthy baby. Why on earth would I do an amnio or CVS now? A simple set of blood tests and a fun ultrasound were all I needed. If we had different results I don’t know what we would do next amnio or not but my point is you can get a lot of information without any risk to the baby. Ok off my soap box on this…now on to some of the funnier things I read:

Cheeseburger Crotch? What the hell is that? I have had nothing even remotely close to this. Is this normal or do these ladies need to learn a thing or two about personal hygiene?

Constipation- This also hasn’t been an issue for me- I eat fruits and veggies daily so maybe this helps.

Don’t use Coconut Oil- There are so many health benefits associated with coconuts that I can’t even believe I read this too crazy to comment on.

You will have more energy in your second trimester??? For me- not so much. All I want to do is rest and sleep. Even though my lovely bladder usually keeps me form sleeping in. I feel tired all of the time. Does anyone know how many hours per night are recommended? Can’t seem to find THAT info anywhere.

A few things I have experienced that none of the books have mentioned:

The Caboose gets stuck – Am I alone or have you noticed that when doing a number two that the train just does not want to fully leave the station? I mean seriously if I don’t want to sit on the pot for thirty minutes I might need to start using baby wipes.

Speaking of pots….I spent the weekend with my Netti Pot- Do believe the hype- what I like to call my nose douche is working wonders on clearing my pregnancy sinuses! I have used it in the morning and am already noticing a difference. Love it!

Are these all crazy but true?


6 Responses to “Belly Buster”

  1. thechubbygrl Says:

    Hey I just found your blog while searching for some pregnant women out there and to hear their thoughts. I know you don’t know me yet as a commenter but listening to your rubberband story was having me laugh out loud. It was my mother-in-law that taught me how to do that (I’ve never seen that in my life!) But I hated it because I always thought the rubberband would break or fall off or something. Anywho I got this thing called a Belly-Belt. I saw you didn’t want to do the whole maternity trouser thing (Totally!) That’s why I got this thingy and I love it. All my jeans fit again, but like you I had to get some tops cause you can kinda tell when your zipper isn’t all the way up, hahaha. Oh and try e-bay for tops. No need buying new you know? Anywho hope to keep up with how you’re doing. 🙂

  2. pregnantmeme Says:

    I totally laughed at the whole cheeseburger (stupid, stupid name) comment. It does not have anything to do with hygiene. It is where everything really swells down there marking it kind of stick out. This is more of a 3rd trimester, near the end of pregnancy issue. It’s due to all the pressure the baby puts down there and the increased blood flow. Yes it is very very normal and common (and uncomfortable!)
    You might also come across the term ‘snot crotch’. In the last few weeks and the closer you get to labor (by this I mean month or so) you being having some wonderful discharge, and usually a lot of it that well, looks like snot or clear jelly or just be very very wet. There isn’t anything you can do about it, it just keeps coming.
    If they are not already, pantyliner’s will become your best friend (its either that or change your underwear multiple times a day). This can start anytime now as well, as pregnancy goes along the more discharge you will probably have.
    Another reason pantyliner’s will be your friend (and this could start happening any time now) is for ‘accidents’. There is a high chance that you will pee yourself a little bit every time you laugh, cough, bump your belly, or if you baby thinks your bladder is taking up too much room and kicks it.
    As much as pregnancy is wonderful, it sure is ‘wonderful’….

  3. I don’t know why the dr’s office can’t just leave a message when it’s not an emergency, just a simple “Your test results came back, your’re fine, have a good weekend” would do! And they always call at the end of the day, so by the time you get the message the office is closed! My dr’s office is worse, I called one time because I had a question, and the lady said a nurse would call back within 48 hours. I kinda need an answer NOW! About the cheeseburger crotch, never heard of that either, but don’t be surprised if it looks bluish/purple too! That’s also totally normal. If you don’t wanna buy maternity pants, maybe get some yoga pants to wear around the house and on weekends and to wear after the baby’s born. That’s what I did last pregnancy. I wore the waist under my bump and since they were stretchy they really comfortable. And I didn’t feel bad still wearing them 3 months after the baby was born because they weren’t maternity pants! And you will be wearing maternity clothes 3 months after the baby’s born, unless you’re one of those freaks who returns to their pre-pregnancy size 6 weeks after having the baby.

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