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Livin La Vida Legging September 9, 2010

Eighteen weeks three days and how many hours…Another good day on the books!  Allergies are still hanging around but I swear the neti pot and my Himalayan Salt Lamps are helping tremendously!  The weather has changed to fall and I couldn’t be more excited!  Fall just might be my favorite time of the year.   The foliage is so beautiful and the weather in Chicago is wonderful which makes for amazing fashion.  I am living la vida leggings lately and loving it!  I got my shipment form bloomies yesterday and found a few successful pieces which I am beyond excited about.  Mainly I ordered a couple of dolman sleeve dresses that are beyond perfect with leggings.  Because I am 5’9 a lot of “dresses” these days tend to be on the short side and work perfectly with a pair of leggings.  The dolman sleeves make a lot of room in the tummy region so accommodating to the bump.   I tried these little numbers on and shoved a throw pillow underneath and am thinking these are going to work for awhile – yay!  Could that be more exciting?

Unfortunately my shopping high came to a swift halt after a lovely conversation with my mother – go figure.   She lives in Ohio and I moved to Chicago almost fifteen years ago and you would think she would be over it….but she’s not!   I seriously cannot get through a conversation without a snide remark from her about how her grandchild won’t know her.  My personal favorite is was when I was asking her about cribs last night she made all these snide remarks about how she doesn’t know what cribs are like in Chicago.  Seriously?  Is there a special manufacturer that only makes cribs for people in Chicago?  I kept telling her we have all the same stores for babies that she does because they are chains and even those that aren’t sell pretty much the same stuff-  she wanted no part of it.  I also mentioned that it might be nice to get a convertible crib with matching furniture that the baby will be able to use for awhile – apparently I couldn’t be more wrong in my thinking and no one in Ohio does it that way.   People buy one crib and then get a bed and other furniture after they are done with the nursery.  I also should be wearing maternity clothes instead of trying to get away without wearing them because that is what people in Ohio do. Is there an opposite of wind beneath my wings? Like I care what my cousins that I never talk to do!  Note to self do not punish the baby for the rest of his/her life if he/she decides to move out of town!

On another note has anyone researched or participated in activities that allegedly help your baby become smarter?   We have been listening to classical music during the commute back to work.   I recognize that a lot of the studies surrounding classical music have come out bunk.  I just figure that it is better than my baby recognizing Howard Stern’s voice!  I did read that DHA is apparently very important during the last trimester as that is when all the brain and retina development happens rapidly.  Check- in my PNV!  Apparently- eating proteins and specifically eggs helps as well.   Gives new meaning to the word egghead does it not?  Luckily I start every weekday morning with an egg or two so got that one covered as well.  I also read that there is a correlation to morning sickness and baby brilliance.  Because morning sickness is caused by the surge in pregnancy hormones the theory is the stronger the surge- the better the development.  So to all the ladies out there worshipping the porcelain gods out there- you might just be taking one for the team and growing that intelligent baby!  Any other suggestions out there on how to mother the next Einstein or Bill Gates?


3 Responses to “Livin La Vida Legging”

  1. They say breastfed babies have a higher IQ, among other things. I don’t know about that, I breastfed my son for a year and made most of his baby food myself from scratch and he’s on the slower end of normal so go figure. I also play classical music for my son when he sleeps, mostly to drown out the noise we make in the living room. As for furniture, I got my son a nursery set from Walmart that came with a dresser (real wood, not cheap particle board!), a changing table, and crib that converts to a toddler bed for about $200. And I put everything together by myself at 6 months pregnant! It’s held up pretty good over the last almost 2 years. I plan on using it for #2. My son won’t really get to know his grandparents, we live in Virginia (we’re moving to Texas in 3 months) and all our family lives in Florida. My husband’s in the military so we don’t really have a “home” anymore. Oh, back to the crib, watch out with those drop side ones, a lot of them have been recalled. Mine hasn’t, yet!

  2. thechubbygrl Says:

    You must be so frustrated with your mom. Even though I don’t live in Ohio and more (currently living in cold, rainy Scotland) I can tell you my family does and my sister always tried to get away with buying no maternity clothes at all. She always said they were useless. I on the other hand love maternity clothes but really I just want any reason to get more clothes and I keep using that excuse with Hubby, hahaha.
    I get that a lot from my Mother-in-Law over here though “Oh, that’s what you’re going to do with the baby? We don’t do that here in Scotland” “You’re wearing THAT while pregnant? Women in Scotland don’t do that” *rolls eyes*
    As for the morning sickness myth, I sure do hope so! I’ll have the next Thomas Jefferson or something. 🙂

  3. Brian Says:

    Can totally sympathize with you about the mother comments – I am 6 hours away from my parents – my wife is 10 hours away from hers, and that’s all I’ve heard, I’m not gonna know my grandchild, this kid isn’t going to know me, when are you moving home, why can’t you find a job close to home? I don’t know that my wife’s parents have done that – they have kids that live all over the place. My parents have lived in the same town, same house their entire life, so me moving anywhere was a big deal! There are times that I wish we were all close, but it’s not possible for all of us to be together so we just have to make the best of it.

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