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Pregnant or Fat? September 21, 2010

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My dear pregger friends- have I been MIA or what?   Can you believe it has been over a week since I have written?  I have been going through withdrawal!  No worries all is ok on my end-  I have just been sick.   Trust me if I had written anything in the last week my demeanor would have been less then positive and you would have probably stopped reading!  I have had a terrible cold/flu/something and again it totally kicked my booty.  It’s funny because I thought at first that it was that whole pregnancy sinuses or maybe allergies that we hear so much about but this turned into something much much more and is still lingering.  Even my little netti pot hasn’t been helping to much- total misery.  The sneezing, the incessant runny nose, the coughing, and not to mention the exhaustion!  It is never ending my friends.   I even went home from work one day which is something I never ever do.  We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so hopefully she can recommend something for me but I am also hoping that I am magically cured by tomorrow because that always seems to happen by the time you get to the doctors!

Tomorrow is a big day- we get to find out the sex of the baby!  I can’t believe I am already five months and that it is finally here.  I am so excited.   We did the string and ring test the other night and it says we are having a boy!  Hubby thinks that test must be 100% accurate- we will have to confirm this tomorrow.   All the online tests say it is most likely a girl so it will be interesting to see.   Everyone keeps asking me what I feel and until lately I really didn’t feel one way or another on the matter.  I feel like it might be a boy though for a few reasons.  First- I can’t come up with a single girl’s name that I like.   Whereas I am totally in to our boy name.  Second- I became inspired on how to decorate a boy nursery this weekend.  I think a light green color with giraffes would be so cute.   Giraffes are kind of like the boy version of leopard print (which I adore- well let’s face it-I adore any animal print).  I saw a stuffed one in the window while driving by Galt baby and on Gossip Girl last night.   Yes I just outed myself on another guilty pleasure I like to watch insert embarrassment here but they are beyond adorable.  It is going to be so much fun to decorate.

I am still kind of in that in between stage.  I play a little game with hubby every morning called pregnant or fat.   I try on outfits to wear to work and he tells me if I look p or f.   Most of the time it is an F girls!  I have found that tight clothes make me look more p than f and that I can fit in a lot my sweater dresses.  I also figured out that it might just be better to accentuate the positive (bump) than to hide it.  Did I tell you about the faux leather leggings I ordered?  OMG I am attaching a picture because they are to die ant totally rocking my maternity world.  They just came in the mail yesterday and of course it is going to be 80 degrees the next few days so I am not able to wear them but I cannot wait! My mom thinks I am literally insane but I don’t care I am having fun with this.  I have been going crazy on the my “maternity” purchases so I am going to go on hiatus here for a bit but could go on and on about all the great ways I have found to jazz up this pregnancy.  Even when I am just running errands on the weekends I want to feel cute-  I bought a men’s burbbery plaid shirt on ebay and it looks so cute over leggings-  perfect for running errands on the weekend or even under a blazer with some heals to work I can pull it off- love.  Let’s not forget the scarf my latest love affair-  I can get away with wearing leggings and a t-shirt to work with a cute scarf and blazer over the top with heels-  take the blazer off and throw on some flats and a cardigan at home and am totally comfy and stylish enough to go out for a casual dinner- all because of the scarf- loves it.  Who knew pregnancy fashion could be so much fun?


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  1. OMG, I have an ultrasound tomorrow too to find out what I’m having! I’m really hoping for a girl, all the old wives’ tales say it’s a girl. My mom says it’s a girl. My husband says it’s a boy because that’s what the Intelligender test said. But I’ve noticed most of the wrong predictions with Intelligender were boy results that turned out to be girls so we’ll see! I decorated my son’s room in a pond theme with frogs and turtles and duckies. I love frogs for little boys. If this is another boy I’m going with a jungle theme. I’ve seen some cute stuff online. If it’s a girl, it’s flowers and butterflies! I had a girl name picked out from last time so we’ll be using that if it’s a girl. We had to come up with another boy name. It was hard since we used the only names we liked already but we agreed on one! You must be so excited, I know I am! I can’t wait to hear what you’re having!

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