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Allergies, headaches, and bleeding gums oh my! August 31, 2010

Another day….another ailment

Pregnancy is my newest frenemy.   What can I say this past weekend sucked.  I was totally sidelined with a sinus issues and a major headache.  So not fun.   I did manage to make it out to eat Saturday night with my hubby but can I share something with you?  I totally had to fake it.  He works so hard and is trying to balance everything so I didn’t want to complain-  but by the time he got home from work and I mustered up the energy to get ready it was pretty late when we got there and I was feeling exhausted, but power through I did and had a good time.    Sunday was not however funday.  I had the worst headache ever and my allergies were in high gear.   I also found that I have a new ailment in that my gums are starting to feel sensitive and bleeding a little when I brush my teeth.   I swear it’s like I am getting the full on pregnancy- I get to experience it all! Is there pregnancy symptom I haven’t had?  Because of my old hague status I have made a decision to go pregnancy au natural- which means that I am not taking any drugs and have changed all of my cosmetics and toiletries to all natural products.  In addition to the normal items to avoid during pregnancy I am also avoiding high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners of any kind, and trying to eat and drink as many organic products as I can.  It hasn’t been that hard but now that it seems I have developed allergies…..I must admit I am feeling a little challenged here.  I want this to go away and am determined to find something that can help me.

I spent a good part of the evening researching “natural” remedies to cure my myriad of maladies.  The funny thing is that half of the natural cures I found are also not recommended for pregnant women.  Seriously is there no love for the PL?  After a lot of leg work, I placed an order online yesterday for what I am hoping will help me.  Let’s break it down.  For the allergies, I ordered Himalayan salt rock lamps.  They are supposed to clean the air and provide a soothing and relaxing light.  They looked cool in the picture and I got an amazing deal on them so even if they don’t clean the air I can still put them out somewhere in the house.   Next comes the Neti Pot.   Are any of you familiar with it?  Allegedly it is supposed to work wonders on sinus infections and allergies by using this little pot to pour salt water up through your nose.   Sexy- I think not.  But since I had yet another hurling episode this morning from gagging while brushing my teeth I figure it has to be better than that!  While we are on the subject of teeth I also ordered some tea tree oil and neem toothpaste which is supposed to be great for the gums and dental health along with some tea tree oil mouthwash.   I am also rinsing during the day with salt water.  Very salty am I.  Hopefully relieving these issues will help with my horrendous headaches.  If not I also ordered some eucalyptus oil to use for a little aroma therapy since the plant I put in my shower doesn’t seem to be doing anything except looking good.

Speaking of therapy….omg I did some AMAZING retail therapy-  I ordered the most amazing boots on the planet.  They are leopard print and fabulous!  These were not a planned purchase but I could not pass them up on Rue la la– plus I had a credit there so forget about it a done deal.  I had to include a picture because they are to die- they are seriously going to rock my pregnancy world!  They will completely take any black outfit on to a new level.  I get giddy just thinking about them.  They are a little tight in my calf region so I am going to need to keep up the walking to and yoga to keep those suckers from growing.  I am also not opposed to stretching them if anyone has any suggestions on how to do that.  I have been doing my Yoga for Pregnancy Video which I would recommend.  It isn’t too challenging and I rather enjoy doing it.  I will say that you need to be prepared with equipment.  The first time through I missed the screen where it told me what I needed and I ended up scrambling.   I don’t have a good chair for this- for some reason all our chairs on that floor are bar stool height or too soft  so I really have to improvise.  I also don’t have a yoga block so another adjustment needed there but overall pretty good and I feel good after doing the video.  So excited for all my new products to arrive and can’t wait to report back to you!  Let me know if you have any other suggestions for dealing with these all these issues I am willing to try anything!


Hungry Hungry Hippie! August 15, 2010

It is with great pleasure that I announce a several day stint sans morning sickness!  The second trimester is definitely not the terrible twos but as with anything pregnancy related there are some pros and some cons.  Pro-  I don’t feel like I am going to die at any given moment.  Con- my face is breaking out reminiscent of my teen years.  Pro-  I am not feeling so nauseas that food is starting to become appealing again.  Con- I am a walking hungry hungry hippo!  Seriously what is for dinner?

As with any of the stages I am all about making the best of the situation and trying to overcome these issues.  Let’s start with the face…not so skincredible.   I have always had oily skin and am not a stranger to a zit or two.  I am thirty seven years old so it’s not like I am full on pizza face but the skin is not working for me.  Did anyone notice on the Bachelorette this season that Ally always seemed to have a blemish on her chin?  I am the new Ally in that regard.  I have a giant heater on my chin that I have named after her.  Am I eating for three now?  I know you all aren’t freaks like me but because I am an old hag I am trying to give this pregnancy every advantage possible.  What this means is that I have officially gone hippie in my skin care, hair, body wash, lotion anything I put on my body.

I am a green machine.  A few of the pros- amazing new product finds.  I have started this all natural skin care regimen and it is unbelievable so far.  I put this product called “baby face”- irony noted – on last night and it literally shrunk my Ally in half!  Here is what is weird…it is an oil.  Oil on my acne?   Who knew? I am only a day in but I predict my Ally will be gone in a few days.  Did I mention this oil will allegedly helps with wrinkles?  Beyond impressed at the moment.  I also found this great deodorant spray at Whole foods that was only $3 and is without the aluminum etc.  That is a keeper- it has been 90 degrees all week in Chicago and I haven’t had that not so fresh feeling in the Brad’s (I know you get it…Brad Pitt…arm pit…).  Love it! I also a new lotion that is loaded with all kinds of butters and I picked the creamsicle scent in honor of the baby that is the size of an Orange now.

So totally loving my eco-lifestyle.  Good for the baby and good for the enviro…but there are of course some cons.  My husband tells me I smell like a hippie.  The toothpaste (Tom’s)  is just not so minty fresh.  I may still need to find a better flavor but the Tom’s mouthwash is great.  The lotion doesn’t seem to absorb that well and I feel like any jewelry that I wear is getting oily and I feel like I need to wash it after I wear it…another chore.  Since the scent of this woman needs to improve I am going to look at perfume…my last non-organic eco vice….are there any eco/organic fragrances out their?   Don’t tell me I am going to have to start mixing my own perfume.  I don’t want to say sia nara to Vivara!


Impress yourself! June 15, 2010

I have officially entered the world of weird pregnant lady cravings.   Since my office’s median temperature is something akin to the Arctic Circle I am freezing every day.   My Burberry blanket isn’t enough to keep me warm!  Normally I would opt for an afternoon cup of coffee or make a hot tea but since I am watching my caffeine intake neither of these are a viable option these days.  Let me preface this by saying I am a salt tooth by nature.   I NEVER crave chocolate and am more of a fry- aholic than a chocoholic.  Freezing to death and in need of an afternoon snack I sauntered over to the market near my office.  I ended up buying the following:  hot cocoa (99% caffeine free), maple water distillate, coconut water, granola bars and boxes of frozen vegetables.  Sound like the menu of a typical PL (pregnant lady)?

I made myself a cup of the cocoa when I got back and it was to die for!  Creamy and delicious- if not downright heavenly.  I wish I was drinking a mug now.   I am nervous about having this as a regular basis because it is basically poison in a packet.  I am going to start a quest for some healthy natural variety of this the next time I am at TJ’s or Whole Foods or maybe even an Organic Variety at Dominick’s.   Since my babies organs are forming right now I am cognizant of everything that I eat.   I had Wendy’s this weekend and felt horrendous afterward because it really did not sit well and I felt bad feeding it to my babes!  Since this isn’t my normal diet I am not going to stress about it but am trying so hard to be careful!  Last night I made lasagna for dinner and most of the ingredients were organic, I added spinach to my half for extra vitamins.   Hubby said it was good, but it was a challenge for me to eat.  I know if I didn’t have more than a few bites it would bite me in the butt later so again I powered through and was able to have a small portion.  Then up to my couch to snuggle with my doggies and watch my Monday night reality fix.  I am fascinated by the Bachelorette-  who are these people?  Who gets a tattoo?  Insane.   And the Real Housewives-  all locations crazy mean girls everywhere!  I don’t know why I watch these shows- its not like I don’t have enough mean girls in my real life.

So yes no word from my frenemy yet.  Hubby and I were chatting on the way to work about how much we enjoy having this between us because there is no let down right now.  We also were talking about managing our expectations because only a handful of our friends truly are supportive and it isn’t worth it to get wrapped up in those that aren’t.  I haven’t written much about this so far but I am sure it will come to light as the months go on.  Relationships have really changed for us over the years and commonalities with our friends have changed as well.  We have worked very hard over the past few years to build start up businesses and it has really changed or perception of what is important in life. We have always been successful and what we consider sacrifices are luxuries for some truly have put our family and life in perspective.  We are in a great place and our businesses are flourishing and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be where we are at! It’s funny but people that I once was impressed by now seem self-absorbed and superficial.  I am all about the people and interested in developing my relationships with those that aren’t out to impress or judge but rather are open-minded and non-judgmental and fun- no judge Judy’s here!     Impress yourself-  sung to the tune of Madonna’s Vogue is feeling like a little mantra of what I am all about- impressing myself by trying to live with class and dignity.  The key word here is trying!  BTW I feel totally normal/non-ill right now and am going to take a moment to relish in it! Ahhhhhhhh