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My adventure of getting pregnant over 35 starting with clomid

Sucksville Population Me? August 18, 2010

Can I just say I am getting a little excited here?  I have never really been a baby person before but now I see the pictures and I think how cute and it makes me so excited that I will be having one!  Now I am starting to think about strollers, and cribs, and car seats oh my!  So many options and I have less than six months to decide.   Not to mention my fall/winter pregnancy wardrobe to consider.   So much to do!   My “morning sickness” seems to be mostly gone but I am now plagued with these horrible headaches.  Not helpful.  I know there has to be something triggering them and I just can’t figure it out.   They range from low grade to horrible and I have days where I don’t have one at all.   I will definitely be discussing these with my doctor next week but think it could be any number of things.  Sleep and stress to name a few.   I had a terrible couple of days when my husband was out of town.   His dad had emergency surgery so I was home by myself.   Since the police incident I am not going to lie, I get scared when I am home alone.  Even with my alarm on and 95lb dog by my side I still am afraid and have a hard time sleeping.   Reasons for headache?  Yes!  Last night my little dog decided to wake us up to go out around 4 a.m. and I couldn’t get back to sleep very well after that-  Reason for headache-  I think so!  Couple those with normal work/family stress and barking dogs and I doubt I should be alarmed- just incapacitated.  I think I may have found a rather delightful cure though- I am going in for one now.   Ghirardelli Dark and Carmel Squares.   Have you ever tried them?  OMG-They are almost orgasmic- so delicious and I swear they seem to bring down the headache pain.  Love!   I only have one or two though – gotta keep that caffeine down!

I just read an article where someone four months pregnant knew the sex of their baby.   Hello- I will be four months next week and as far as I know that is not on the roster for the next doctor’s appointment.   She told us we would find out at 20 weeks.   WTF?  I want to know the sex of my baby stat.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?  Why should I have to wait an extra month?  How far along are most people when they find out the sex of their baby?     What did the sixteen weekers do to find out early?   Any advice is beyond welcome!  I am thinking I need an ultrasound…. we got amazing results back from our genetic screening so I doubt they will want to do anything further-so can I ask for an ultrasound?  I think I just might have to.  A little more n the genetic results –  when we started out our odds were something like 1-156 and now are at like 1-3,000-  the same as the odds of a twenty year old mother-  how fabulous is that?  I am feeling younger by the minute and the baby aced its first test!  How about that- hopefully the first of many!  Might I also add that my headache is gone right now?   Love you squares!

Ok so on to some important things- pregnancy fall wardrobe!  I am thinking ponchos, leggings and riding boots will be my staples.  I already got a pair of super cute over the knee tan riding boots and am stalking a few ponchos online for a sale.   I swear – it literally pains me to pay full price for things.  It must be something in my DNA but I always feel like if I am a good shopper I can get what I want when it is on sale and if I get things on sale- it is ok to buy more.  Sick and twisted I know but that is how I do.  I actually made a spreadsheet of what my staples are going to be.  I have never done this in all of my years but find that I often buy things I don’t love and ultimately never wear them- I am focusing on the love right now and hoping the research will pay off!  I am actually excited to try to pull off pregnancy sheik!  I also ordered some new all natural hair products today and report immediately once of I have a chance to use them.  I am hoping that since my pregnancy has been sucksville population me so far the fall will be the dawn of pregnant and fabulous- my new boots- ponchos and amazing skin and hair.   BTW my Ally is almost entirely gone now – can you say Simply Divine?


Can I register for a Taser? July 16, 2010

OMG was last night eventful!  Yesterday is one for the books.   Hubby and I had a disagreement that ended up in an evil text war yesterday.  The fight, I am sure was predicated on my hormonal behavior- but it’s like he forgets I am a ball of hormones and doesn’t cut me enough slack or rather is overly temperamental or more so a mixture of both.   I have become a cry baby and find myself reduced to tears form the stupidest things.   I seriously have to have little talks with myself to try to keep it in perspective.   So after an emotionally draining day I like a little time in the evening for my guilty pleasure – reality TV.  This is not a fact that I am proud of but it just makes for some plain old good entertainment.  As PL I am particularly interested in shows with other PL’s so that I can get a sense for what they are going through.  Hence, Bethenny Getting Married is definitely in my Tivo.   While I sometimes find her annoying, I have a small crush on her husband and overall find their experiences pretty funny and relatable.  What a doll and Jason is so supportive.  I mean it is kind of brilliant to get pregnant in your newlywed phase just for that level of support!  So last night she took her honeymoon seven months prego and while I applaud her “putting it all out there” it also was a little scary to watch.   I am so not looking forward to cankles and swollen feet!  Loved the food crawl and am definitely putting that into my pregnancy agenda but the giant stomach with hairline forget about it! That is going to be me just in time for the holidays- oh Joy!

For now it is just me and the little lime (my baby’s current size)!  I don’t think my stomach knows what it is doing most of the time I look bloated but every so often I have a random day where I actually feel uncow like.  I try to embrace these days but they are fewer and fewer, much like my wardrobe choices.  So this is where my night gets really frightening, after my reality fix I want to bed like any other night.   Only to be woken up at 4:30 am by a man in my house saying “Chicago Police”.  Hubby woke up screaming at the top of his lungs (secretly the thought of that makes me chuckle for some reason) and my Berner started barking like crazy.  The man kept yelling out Chicago police and asking us to come downstairs.  We had no idea if this was some sort of trap or what the hell was going on.  I called 911 and I think my Berner scared him out of the house.  He went around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell and hubby went down.  Talk about being scared out of your mind!  911 couldn’t explain to me why he was in my house but said that it was a real police officer.   I mean what the hell?  I didn’t know what to think.  A million scenarios were going through my head and I was so scared for the baby! As it turns out they had picked up some thugs on our block that had stolen gps’s etc.   They thought they were form our garage (detached), so when the officer came to check it out he found that our back door (that we never use) was unlocked and came in to make sure no one had entered the house.  Crazy!   He did a walk through with hubby to check things out and the whole fiasco never ended until 5:30.

Obviously we were so spun up that I don’t think I really feel asleep until 7 only to get up a few minutes later to go to work.   The worst part was that I started to have some cramping.   I never know when to be concerned with cramping.   There were a few sharp pains but they were like 20 minutes apart and painful but not severe.   Please don’t hate me for this but I have never had menstrual cramps so I really have no point of reference to deal with these on.   I have no idea what a severe cramp is or a regular cramp- the only cramps I know are the ones I have now.   I didn’t have any spotting; it was sporadic and didn’t last long so I didn’t call the doctor.  Hopefully there are no worries but I wonder if this level of stress is what caused it.   I am sure this will also add a few more pimples to my forehead- super! Needless to say I am absolutely exhausted today and looking forward to a night at home relaxing.  So a few thoughts on the burglars and some safety obsessions going forward:  new obsession- checking all dead bolts prior to going to bed and possibly even sleeping with the alarm on.  Next obsession: locking the car doors while it is in the garage.   We don’t keep anything valuable in the car and gps is in the dash but at least if someone is trying to break in the car alarm will go off and it will be a good starting point deterrent.  Final obsession:   Where I can get a taser?  Preferably one with some bling on it.  Am I not the only one who has secretly wanted one since seeing the hangover?  Would it be wrong to put one on my baby registry?